Straight up…

My name is Hank and you are about to start living the life of your dreams...

I’m going to show you…

  • 1
    The top 3 reasons younger women bodily desire men of greater experience - i.e. you! - and no, it’s not money.
  • 2
    The three dumb deadly mistakes men make that cause younger women to see them as “that creepy, old guy” – and how to make sure this never EVER happens to you!
  • 3
    my secret “7-words” that you simply say to any young woman if she asks you how old you are – these simple 7 words will make her smile, arouse her - and turn her on to you as an exciting, confident and intriguing man with great internal power
  • 4
    the best places to meet younger women – online an off - where they are already open, eager and receptive to you – so that it’s easy for you to start a conversation that quickly “sparks” into flirting, touch and kissing

I learned these lessons the hard way.

About a decade ago, I got divorced and was broke, balding, about 5’9,” overweight and incredibly sad that I had “lost my family.”

I drove a beat-up Honda Civic, and my ex and I shared a bright red minivan to shuttle the kids around – and you’re probably already thinking it– looking at my life, I thought no woman would ever date a guy like me.


I was 40 years old and I felt as if my life was over – especially my love life.



But what happened over the next few years was no less than a miracle…

  • 1
    By learning from a Master of Dating Younger Women - and
  • 2
    by “hacking” into the psychological “triggers” male-female dynamics…

I was suddenly dating one of People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Women Under 25, Playboy models, lingerie models, gorgeous “girls next door” types, nursing students, wild undergrads (and their friends) – and pretty much any beautiful young woman I desired.

The change was so huge that my guy neighbors who saw the girls come and go to my house asked me…

“Hey, did you win the lottery?”

I had to laugh. I had no more money than I did before, but in a way, I did win the lottery – and that winning ticket is this: insider knowledge - the exact information I am going to share with you right now below…

So be sure to read to the finish because you will gain a whole new window on the dream life you want…

Why You Need This Secret Power
to Magnetize Younger Women…


You and I are not teenagers or some scraggly inexperienced little hipsters.

We are grown men and our time is valuable, so I’m going to get to the point and not waste your time.

You’ve been lied to.

You’ve been told by mass culture that you don’t have the RIGHT to date whomever you want.

You’ve been lied to that you “shouldn’t” date younger woman – even though every man in Europe, Latin America and Asia knows that “of course!” you should date younger women!

And they do!

The “taboo” truth is that younger women crave guys like you because you have more experience, and are older than them.

In fact, in a recent research study, nearly 60% of of younger women said they PREFER or would be open to dating a man older than them
– by a decade or more.

So why the taboo?

Yeah, sure - there is something “racy” about dating younger women – that energy, that aliveness, that sexiness that makes your married friends jealous and their aging wives crazy with rage!

But why?

Well, two reasons…

It’s taboo because in the mass culture lie, young women are supposed to be “innocent” – though when you use the tested and proven techniques I give you below, you will have a very happy discovery…

… that younger women are highly sexual, adventurous, playful, sensual and free and empowered about their bodies!

The second reason it’s taboo in the mass media is that your dating younger women is threatening to women over 40 – because while your “value” on the singles market is going UP because of your greater experience, theirs is going down. And fast.

Now, I’m not saying that’s fair. It’s not.

And let me be clear - I love, respect and adore women of all ages – but, you’ll see, when you gain these skills I’m about to show you that…

When people see a beautiful young woman on your arm looking up admiringly into your eyes – with her shiny bouncy hair, her full plush lips, her firm breasts, her bright happy eyes and white, flashing smile – well, lets just say folks get jealous.

Well that’s their problem – not yours.

Their jealousy doesn’t mean you
have to spend the rest of your life
settling or suffering.


Now here’s what you need to know…

Younger Women Will Eagerly
Pursue You If and Only If You Do
These Following Things…

So – lets say this together - now you can admit it openly – yes, of course you want to date younger women!

Maybe just a few years younger – maybe a whole lot younger!

It’s your right and your choice!

And if you’re REALLY curious what it feels like to have an eager, sexually adventurous young woman as your loyal, dedicated girlfriend, you’re going to love what I’m about to show you …

First off - there’s rock-solid research proof that younger women don’t just want scraggly adolescent dudes who play lead guitar in some low-rent bar band.

They’re tired of those man-boys. These inexperienced younger guys bore them to tears.

Younger women want substance.

They want to be shown new things.

They want to grow in new ways.

In short - they want… you – someone who has just been around a bit longer.

Someone… exactly like you.

But they want you only if you don’t make the crippling, humiliating mistakes most older guys make when they pursue younger women.

Don’t worry. I’m going to reverse that for you so it never happens…

The way I create the shift for you is this…

When you do what I show you here, young women will see you as what I call “The Romantic Leader” – that man of more experience who can show them the ropes of life – and who is therefore sexy and desirable.

The solutions I’m about to reveal to you will not only shock you.

They will also breathe new life into you and make you feel younger, stronger, and more alive than you’ve felt in years.

You’re about to realize that you not only have something unique to offer young, beautiful women…

You’re about to realize that you not only have something unique to offer young, beautiful women…

You actually have way, way more to offer than any of the immature boy-men who chase them like rabid, slobbering, inexperienced puppies.

Now I’m Going to Show You
How to “Lead” a Younger Woman into Deep, Passionate Attraction to You

… and how to do that with ease, stability, dignity – using the hidden advantage of your greater experience.

For example, I’m going to show you…

  • The magic switch every young woman has that once slipped to “on,” compels her to fantasize about making love to you – because when you do this she finds that she is working hard to prove herself worthy of you
  • The crucial difference between your sexy “youthfulness” and trying to act falsely “young”

This difference means life or death to you if you want the company of gorgeous younger women on your arm and in your bedroom.

  • I’ll also reveal more proven, tested, seemingly simple conversational tips that compel attractive younger women to see you as a prize - so that they must have you for themselves.
  • I’ll show you exactly what sexy, adventurous young women today are looking for in men like us – and how you can blow her mind with a few simple phrases
  • I’ll show you exactly what you need to do and say to “trigger” irresistible desire in the first 5 seconds…

In short – I’m going to give you everything you need to know to become successful in attracting, dating and enjoying beautiful younger women…

… and in a way that they will feel uplifted, and you will be able to carry your head high – while, yes, also being the envy of your neighbors.

How the Miracle of Your Dating and Enjoying Younger Women Begins…

But what’s important for you is that I have spent the last decade extracting every secret you need to become wildly successful at meeting and inspiring beautiful, younger women into your life.

What’s even more important for you is that I wasn’t always a recognized dating expert. Like I said – I was lost and hopeless.

It was Wednesday, May 23rd, 2001. I came back from a business trip, found out my wife tried to cheat on me with my best friend in my own backyard. Now, to his credit, he rejected her, and to her credit, she apologized to me for it, but I filed for divorce the next day.

The thought of continuing in a humiliation of a marriage where my own wife was willing to betray me, not for me. I was done, because it opened my eyes.

Suddenly, I could see everything that was wrong with my life – and how – at mid-life – I was settling for second best in all things.

It Was a Horrifying Realization!

Like my life was just… slipping away.

Where was all the adventure?

And what about all those beautiful women out there?

Was I ever going to taste that kind of pleasure again?

Honestly, I was lost and depressed – and you probably know the feeling…

For the first time in my life, I woke up every morning alone.

I woke up to breakfast alone.

I went to bed alone.

I felt completely undatable, undesirable - like a failure in life, like a loser…

When I eventually tried to date again, I was riddled with the thought, “who the hell would want to date me?”

Well, it turned out the divorced moms of my kids’ friends did. It was nice but it felt like more of the same – talking about our kids. Watching TV.

Was this really going to be my whole future - the rest of my life? Until I die?

That’s it?

Making out in minivans and squeezing dates in between her doctor appointments and kids’ recitals, listening to endless tales of awful ex-husbands…?

It looked bleak…

Then, One Night, Everything in
My Life Changed…

A friend of mine who had been through the same sadness before called me up and said…

“Hey, Hank. There’s someone you have to meet.”

My buddy introduced me to Mr. X, a guy who had an incredible story to tell.

Now, like me, he was in his 40’s and single – and he was having the time of his life dating women 10 or 20, even 25 years younger than him.

I have to admit, at the time, the idea of dating somebody 20 years younger than me, it felt wrong somehow or impossible for a guy like me

After all, why would some hot, young 20 something want to date me - guy driving a damned Honda Civic?

But get this…

Mr. X had so many dates with these younger women – that he needed a database on his laptop to keep track of them all!

This I had to see, so we met up over a beer, and honestly, I expected him to be some slick, manipulative creep who dangled bags of candy over playground fences, but nothing could have been further from the truth.

He was a good guy, self-spoken, polite, real, and honestly, he was just a regular guy. In fact, to be perfectly honest, he was short and kind of dumpy-looking, the kind of guy you’d see in any bowling alley and you wouldn’t look at twice, but what he told me changed my life forever…

He said,

“You need to understand something. We, meaning guys a little bit older have so much to offer young women.” The young guys that they date walk them to the nearest Denny’s, take them to hang out in dirty apartments, hit them up at 11 o’clock for 15-minute booty calls, and girls are sick of it...

They want someone to show them something new, someone with even just a couple more years experience than they have, someone to take an interest in them and actually care about who they are, someone to expand their worlds a little, introduce them to new experiences.

Just by being you, you make them feel appreciated and beautiful and grownup”.


That got my attention.

The more he showed me, the more I began to see things differently…

And he showed me how he doesn’t just have a younger girlfriend, but multiple younger girlfriends, and how younger girlfriends make you feel 25 again, how they light up your life, how sexually adventurous young women are, how full they are of happy energy and optimism!

And how the girls always tell him how much they say he – as a man of greater experience - makes them feel adored and appreciated and grownup.

He quickly dispelled the two big LIES – or myths – about dating younger women…

Myth #1: Younger Women Prefer Unskilled Young Men

He said,

“You already have so many assets as a grown man that you’re not even aware of - and younger women will love that about you! All they want is to be in your life a little bit to taste something different, more adult, more adventurous, a better life. Try it. You’ll see.”

Myth #2: It’s Always About Daddy Issues

“Let me guess”, I said. “These younger women have daddy issues, right?”

Mr. X shook his head, no…

“It’s just a myth that’s been thrown at you by married guys who want you to be miserable like them. Sure, some younger women want the warm, fatherly experience they missed out on, but mostly, they’re just way beyond their years. Younger women today are smart. They want a man of experience to treat them like a woman, not a girl. They want to date men, not boys.”

I’m Handing You the Keys to
The Kingdom…

Younger women are biologically drawn to older men.

Younger women want older men.

Younger women are already attracted to men who have more life experience than they do.

Your job is just not to blow it by making the mistakes other guys make that trigger that creepy, old guy vibe.

The sad truth is that most older men are untrained in how to talk to younger women and blow it in the first five seconds.

And they never get the chance back again - but you are going to have a different fate…

Because you are about to get the keys to the kingdom…

After hearing about all of this, I decided to take action for myself and give it a shot.

On William’s advice, I signed up to a couple of the online dating sites he recommended. They are not the usual ones, believe me. No eHarmony here!

It turns out there are quiet websites that few men know about, and they’re bursting at the seams with gorgeous, young women eager to meet regular guys with more experience - guys like you and me.

I put together my profile according to William’s guidelines – and added some of my own… and I attracted more than 2,500 emails from younger women in less than six months!

I couldn’t believe it!

I had struck gold!

I had no idea that so many young women wanted a man more than two decades older than them.

It’s just that I now had EXACTLY the right language and the right approach – and I knew the Deadly Mistakes to avoid – because William had figured it all out ahead of me.

In fact, I’ll show you the first part of the exact profile that got me

2500 emails in 6 months below…

This was amazing to me.


Divorced guy!

Bald spot guy!

Five foot nine and extra pounds guy!

Cruddy, rusting Honda Civic guy!

And it only took one of these young beauties to make me realize why dating younger women can be such an exhilarating experience, although there were dozens and dozens more to follow.

This is the Kind of
Power You Have…

Let me give you an example.

My first date was with Tasha. She was 21 and her family had moved to the U.S. from the Czech Republic. Gorgeous, high cheekbones. Piercing blue eyes. A body like a 1940’s movie start.

She was the whole package - and a real self-starter, a well-read, ambitious, in college - and I really admired her from the start, so I took her out to a restaurant.

Nothing too fancy. We both enjoyed a little four-course meal with some decent wine and conversation, and we talked about our favorite authors and movies which happened to be the same – because the internet gives you the same stuff as she sees, erasing age-difference.

Everything was going great, but then, as dessert came, she suddenly burst out into tears! I was shocked.

Did I do something wrong?”

I asked her why she’s crying and I’ll never forget what she said, and I want you to listen closely.

He said,

“I’m okay. It’s just nobody has ever treated me with such respect before. The wine, the restaurant. Nobody has ever been interested in me before.”

I was stunned.

I must have looked like an idiot with my mouth wide open in surprise.

She told me about all the younger guys who bugged her all the time, hitting on her aggressively and awkwardly.

I mean - she was gorgeous. And they were young and rude.

They pawed at her. They spoke over her. And all they talked about were their own measly lives and all their hopes for the future which they weren’t even working on. They texted her at 11:30 at night asking her if she wanted to “hang out”. They didn’t respect her.

In short - they couldn’t talk to her in the way a grown man like you or I can.

These young guys who have barely started shaving, - they just yammer on and on about nothing but their own post-adolescent, egoic selves…

… and that’s when it struck me, “Mr. X was right.”

Guys like you and me really do have more to offer beautiful, happy, younger woman than guys their own age!

My confidence only grew as the date ended up back in my place, and then in my bedroom.

Since then, I’ve never looked back. No more “settling.”

Since them I’ve only dated BEAUTIFUL YOUNGER women like her and I’m living what my friends and my neighbors (who like to look over the fence) call ‘a dream life’.

Now It’s Your Turn to Live Your
Dream Life With Younger Women

But First – Avoid These Three
Deadly Mistakes!

This story is very personal to me, and I hope that by sharing it with you, I’ve shown you that there’s not only hope for you, but that there’s a proven method that makes dating younger women easy – and I’m going to give it to you.

Hitting bottom was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

I’m glad it happened this way because I’ve developed all the tools and training to live my dream life and help other men like you.

I mean- we all want to enjoy the happiness, the youth and the vitality of younger women!

And I want you to have what I have.

I want you to enjoy dating and making love to gorgeous, young women and to do it on your terms.

Listen. Don’t settle.

If you’ve struggled to meet young women, don’t blame yourself…. Blame those stupid dumb daytime talk shows and those low-grade romance novels.

They want you to believe that if you are dating and enjoying a young, beautiful woman, there must be something wrong with you! It’s b.s.

The truth is that in order to start getting heart-breakingly beautiful, younger women to approach you for a date, you only need to learn a few simple strategies and techniques.

In fact, you could use these techniques right now and start meeting younger women tonight.

Yes, tonight, even if you don’t think you’re good-looking.

I mean, have you seen my picture?

Even if you’re overweight or going bald.

Again, have you seen my picture?

Even if you’re totally inexperienced at this and you’ve never dated a woman that much younger before.

By the way, you’ll be surprised when you see how easy this is once you know the secrets.

No matter what your situation, you are about to get privileged access to younger women that most men will never get or enjoy.

Let’s get you started…

Here are three HUGE mistakes men make that you need to know.


#1 The First Deadly Mistake: Go Where the Fish
Are Not Biting

The most obvious mistake uninformed guys make is to go to clubs where youth rules! They figure – that’s where the hot younger women are – but THOSE women are there to hang with young guys. You will stand out like a sore thumb.

I’ll show you the places – offline and online – where younger women are already seeking you out. Places with a competition is practically zero, and the women are approaching you for dates, not the other way around. She wants to meet you in places where she looks UP to you.


#2 The Second Deadly Mistake:
Faking Being “Young”Instead of Being
Powerfully “Youthful”

It’s pathetic. Seeing men of experience dressing like teenagers. They look fake. Stupid. And as if they are just trying too hard.

Worse still – younger women are trying to get away from those boy-men – they want to look UP to you – as a man your own age.

She’s looking for a man who is older, wiser, more experienced in the world, so you’re already in. I’ll show you what you can learn the best possible way to dress in order to trigger deep sexual attraction in her.

I’ll bring you a top Hollywood Stylist below – who will tell you EXACLTY how to dress – so that you are sexy, admirable – and owning your greater experience and wisdom rather than hiding it under a backwards cap or baggy pants.


#3 The Third Deadly Mistake: Talking Like
a Boy-Man

The third mistake is trying to use “young” language, saying things like, “YOLO”, “You only live once”, or “LOL” when chatting online. It shows your lack confidence as a man of more experience than her, and you’re trying too hard to fit in and be like as if you’re in your 20’s.

That will backfire.

I’ll show you how to make sure the power structure is reversed and more natural so that she is always trying to fit into your reality, into your world, and into your leadership.

Because you need to demonstrate that you are her “Romantic Leader.”

Remember, you’re the experienced one here, so she’s looking to you for something she doesn’t have in her day-to-day life.

Now, Here’s How to Win the Big Test
With Younger Women…

Here it comes, you can feel it coming…

That moment when you will either live or die with a young woman…

And it will happen about 65% of the time. That moment when she asks…

“Aren’t you too old for me?”


Most men just collapse and start stammering around for excuses…

“Um… um… but I look much younger than I am!”


“Um… um… age is just a number.”

… or something else amazingly lame and apologetic.

Maybe you’ve made this mistake in the past until today…

It’s okay.

I used to do that too, and then I learned how to easily flip the power back into your court with just a few simple words.

Here’s what to do…

When she “age tests” you,
you simply drop this bomb...

“That’s okay. I think you can keep me interested for at least a little while. You seem older than your years.”


“Don’t worry about it. You seem interesting enough to keep my attention.”

Sure, it’s cocky – and for that reason, it’s a disarmingly effective way to let them know that you are in the power position – now and forever.

In fact…

Everything I Am About to Teach You About How to Date Younger Women Keeps You in the Power Position…

And that’s the key.

I’m going to show you how to do this both online and in the flesh, and both in the first sixty seconds and right into relationship.

They want you powerful, and that’s why they test you!

So, say those words straight and silently watch her reaction.

I guarantee you she’ll smile, and then she’ll probably blush as her body is flooded with hormones that compel her to feel instantly attracted to you, wanting to feel your strong arms, imagining what it would be like to kiss you…

Are you beginning to see how this works?

Are you beginning to see how with the right techniques the wonderful world of younger women can be yours for the taking?

How You Are Going to Choose
Success Now…

So you have 2 choices now…

  • The first choice -
    take the above beginners tips I’ve given you and go ahead and wing it out there on your own.. Who knows? Maybe you’ll get some success if you really took careful notes…

    We have barely scratched the surface so far!
  • Your Second Choice -
    let me do the work for you and make this easy.

    I mean, why start from zero and try to reinvent the wheel?

    I’ve organized the exact step-by-step blueprint for instant and consistent success with dating younger women – and now it can be yours.

    I’ve tested it for years – and it’s already gotten countless thousands of men enjoying newfound youth, vitality, and a whole lot of sex with gorgeous women who pursued them first.

I and my team have spent the last 22 months perfecting a
step-by-step program called…

Become Her King: Date Younger
With Dignity

And it’s about to be yours!

This is the first program ever that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of enjoying younger women without having to go out and pursue them like a needy puppy and risk rejection.

This radically simple detailed program will work for you even if

  • 1
    You have no experience with dating younger women
  • 2
    If you have never met a woman online before
  • 3
    If you’re terrified of rejection
  • 4
    If you wrongly believe beautiful young women are out of your reach.

Even if you right now - you have no idea how to talk to and relate to younger woman, trust me, it’s easier than you think – but only once you know these secrets.

“Become Her King: Date Younger With Dignity” is the result of years of study, testing, analyzing what actually works with real women in the real world.

It’s all based on the extensive testing that both William and I have enjoyed with hundreds of young, beautiful, happy, open-hearted women in the last couple of years alone.

I know it works.

It’s not only worked for me and Mr. X -- it’s also worked for literally thousands of men from all around the world who have become my students.

Are you done settling for second best?


Because this is for men who have decided they want more from life than the mediocrity most guys settle for.

It’s for men who value their time and don’t want to waste years of their life trying to figure all this out on their own – hoping to get it right by trial an error.

It’s also for men who are smart enough to want to have a huge advantage over other men in the dating marketplace.

You want that, right?

Of course you do - that’s why you are here.

Because you want to enjoy feeling 10 to 20 years younger again, and have hot, passionate sex with gorgeous, younger women with tight bodies, soft skin, shiny hair, and amazing, firm, and perky breasts…

You have every right to your pleasures…

And they have every right to enjoy your care, greater skills, protection, kindness and greater experience.

In this comprehensive Become Her King: Date Younger With Dignity Program, I show you…

  • 1

    How to use Facebook to effortlessly establish and grow your social circle with beautiful young women

  • 2

    How to easily create social authority – and radiate that sexy social aura that young women admire,

  • 3

    How to rapidly install unshakable confidence into every word you speak and every motion of your body - so you don’t mistakenly come off like a “striped golf shirt-wearing” suburban dad

  • 4

    The number one secret fantasy young women want to fulfill with an older man like you - all you need to do is just hint that you can fulfill this one thing for her, and she’ll begin fantasizing about you night after night until she gets you into bed

  • 5

    Detect the subtle signs of a gold-digger – so you don’t blow through money like other guys

  • 6

    Create the “instant we” feeling of already being a couple - so feels close to you and “romantically” submissive within minutes

  • 7

    How to avoid sounding embarrassingly out of touch with younger generation trends and values no matter what your age

  • 8

    How to come off as hip, informed, and smarter than them,

  • 9

    Advanced sexuality techniques both verbal and physical - that will make her vibrate with delight long after she crawls out of your bed and lasts until she comes running back into your arms.

  • 10

    The seven simple ways to silently and seductively establish yourself as her one-and-only romantic leader right in the beginning – and why this is one of the sexiest qualities you can convey

  • 11

    How to be the “magical combination” of both gentle/caring and dominant/naughty - giving her that electric thrill that arouses her and keeps her on her toes – and why that’s sexy to her beyond belief.

And this is just the beginning!

Become Her King goes beyond tactics and usable strategies…

Step Through This Doorway into a Whole New Life of Pleasure and Freedom

You are about to shift into new ways of acting, speaking, touching, feeling, moving, attracting, connecting with and making love to younger women – who will now admire you more deeply and find you intriguing and sexy. They will find you authoritative and commanding.

They will find you authoritative and commanding.

You will feel more alive, vital, and powerful than you have in years! If you’ve been out of the game for a while, kind of off the court…

…then you better prepare yourself for how aggressive and sexually free younger women are today, hooking up on beaches at night, in the backs of restaurants, in the car, in fields, and of course young women will dazzle you in the privacy of your own bedroom.

Remember, younger women can be shockingly daring today.

They love fun and experimentation, and they’re waiting for you to step up with exactly the confidence and dignity of the older men that I show you how to embody and communicate.

Literally, all your fantasies can come true one by one.

This system has already transformed the lives of the men who’ve used it – my private students. When I asked them how much a lifetime of dating younger, sexier, more playful, experimental, hotter woman was worth, they always said the same thing.


When I jokingly offered them $10,000 to go back to the way their love life was before they learned my system, they all said,

“Absolutely no way when I go back to the way things were before.”

Why would they ever go back to settling for 3 rd and 4 th best?

When you can get the best of the best, like this…

How to Capture the Attraction
of Younger Women…

Remember when I told you I received over 2,500 emails form my own profile?

Want to see how I did it?

Of course you do.

This is a great demonstration of what I mean by taking the Romantic Lead with women…

Most men start their online profiles by boring women to tears: “I like to work out. I’ve been to 25 countries, blah, blah, blah.”

But you can “electrify the imagination” of younger women.

Here’s an example from this program…

“I am a man at the height of his powers and you are a young beauty at the threshold of your possibilities. What turns me on are people who dream big and have high, creative talent who want to eat up this world and experience it all boldly, fearlessly, but also tenderly, and whose hearts are deep and loving.”

That, my friend, is an invitation to adventure with a grownup man.

Why does it work?

In just a few words, it subtly blends …

  • 1
    excitement and respect
  • 2
    sensuality and trust
  • 3
    both fun and aspiration
  • 4
    and the promise of pleasure and connection…

This profile only gets better and more effective – adding in the techniques of future pacing, qualifying out women I don’t want – and “singing to the idealized self” of the woman reading it.

So they see themselves with you as a couple already!

Want to meet amazing younger women online?

Want to meet amazing younger women online?

  • I will show you how to quietly and automatically turn on every attraction trigger that sensual younger women have, attracting exactly the type of woman you want.
  • I’ll show you exactly how to lay the necessary elements into your profile that makes it almost impossible for younger women not to write you and ask to meet you.
  • I’ll also reveal little known sites where beautiful, young women flock to you with open arms so you’ll never have to waste money on mainstream sites like Match.com and stupid eHarmony again.

This special “Online Dating Guide” alone is worth an easy 197 bucks by itself – and it includes several templates for you to use and adapt.

I mean honestly, how much would you pay to know the sure fire success secrets guys over 35 used to land the hottest dates online?

It’s a priceless gift to your life.

And it is a comprehensive and proven guide to your success

Ok, Here’s What You Are
About to Receive When You
Click on the Button Below…

Guide #1

The Become Her King: Magnetic Attraction Skills Action Guide

This is your comprehensive step-by-step Mastery Program for assuring that you magnetize women to you – so you don’t have to chase after them. This way YOU keep the power.

In this program, you are about to get…

  • How to strengthen your inner and outer Voice for power and Unshakable Confidence
  • 10 easy ways to quickly re-structure your Social and Dating Life for leverage and Leadership
  • The top 29 techniques that bulletproof your “Approach” and “Attraction” Skills for Masculine Magnetism – which allows younger women to relax into trust and surrender to your natural lead
  • The Fundamentals of Younger Women Online Dating - in a way that causes women to write you first
  • How to Approach Any Younger Woman anywhere – such that they instantly admire and are intrigued by you
  • 21 Style Tips – learned from a TOP Hollywood Stylist – to increase your instant appeal to younger woman – and assure that you look hip and youthful – and neither like a dull “golf-dad” nor a boring “suit” - and also not like a 14 year old.
  • The 8 Ways to establish your sexual leadership and connection to unleash her pleasure and yours
  • Quick techniques to Amplify Your Vitality, Stamina, Muscle and Sexual Appeal – all of which younger women crave from you
  • How to demonstrate your understanding of Younger Women’s Secret and Erotic Hearts

This Magnetic Attraction Skills Action Guide is packed with proven and tested approach and rapport-building techniques so you don’t have to think them up for yourself!

Guide #2

Flirtation & Penetration: The Art of Bold Flirtation

It’s a no B.S. guide in which you’ll discover the secret language, the secret words that my students successfully used to quickly and effortlessly move from casual, small talk to more sexually charged conversation.

You will learn the “insider language tips to assure that she feels naturally titillated and in no way pressured or weirded out.

She will open up to you. She will imagine sleeping with you, what your arms feel like around her, your lips on hers – and what it might feel like to have you as the boyfriend

she can show off.

Inside this module, you will learn…

  • How to “ignite the imagination” of the 3 Types of Women you will meet
  • The subtle art of masculine/feminine fire – how to polarize her into her receptive feminine
  • The commanding power of “nothing hidden/nothing half-assed” – and why that makes you stand out from every other man she will meet
  • How to overcome the “nice guy” syndrome - and avoid conversation that bores her to death like other guys
  • 4 Ways to make her laugh – triggering her arousal
  • How to demonstrate your understanding of Younger Women’s Secret and Erotic Hearts
  • How to trigger her “sensual imagination” – as effortless foreplay…
  • … and so much more…

Guide #3

The King’s Game: Stepping into Your Full Power as an Experienced Man

The rules have changed today.

What worked for you 5, 10, 20 years ago will mark you as hopelessly outdated and undesirable today. This program is your update, your up-leveling.

It’s necessary reading for all men who hope to date younger women, and in this module you’ll discover

  • Body language horrible errors that turn women off – and how to reverse them to naturally meet younger women in the real world
  • What to say in order to start a cool conversation - and what is hopelessly “uncool” that you must, must, must avoid at all costs!
  • How to lead younger women into conversation topics ready that make her curious about you and make her strangely attracted to you
  • How to assure that younger women feel seen and appreciated by you – which makes you stand out from the awkward, “predatory” other men out there
  • What makes a younger woman want to run for the hills – vs. what makes her eager to be part of your world and show up on your arm, proud that you are her man…
  • The one thing you must NEVER write in an online profile and the #1 thing you must always include in your online profiles that compel her to write you immediately…
  • … and so much more.

You’ll be surprised at how effortless and easy conversations with younger women can be once you learn the secrets in this module.

Guide #4

Confident & Commanding: 21 Confident Conversation Tactics.

The next free bonus is a high value cheat sheet that’s going to help you every single time you get to talk to beautiful, younger women so that you remain the one in the power position. It’s called the ‘Romantic Leader’s 21 Confident Conversation Tactics’.

  • You’ll find out how to always speak as the king of your personal world
  • How to communicate higher status by indicating that you are a scarce and valuable person in her life - so that she never takes you for granted
  • Which specific “weakling” words to eliminate from your conversation forever – so that you are seen as confident, powerful and in control of your life - if you are still using these words, she will turn off in a second and take you for a weak, out of touch, wimpy loser.
  • How to avoid her pigeonholing you with simplistic yes/no questions - and instead, masterfully steer the conversation into deeper, more intimate territory which is what a younger woman secretly dreams of.
  • How to speak as her indisputable and sexy romantic leader in all things and in all ways
  • How to deploy ‘The Don Draper Effect’ - and maintain the mystery she wants to feel about you.
  • My devastating, “sexy sandwich technique” – so you can let her know that you find her really attractive without making you sound needy or

And lots, lots more!

Guide #5

Make Age Your Assets: The Nuts & Bolts of Dating Younger

This module is your down and dirty mastery how-to guide to assure that you make your age and experience your asset – and never a liability. Here, you will learn…

  • How to position your friends and experience as a privilege for her to experience – so that dating you is seen as moving “up” in her life, instead of sideways or down with other guys
  • How to establish and keep her trust – because without it, you will get nowhere and never connect with her the way you want to
  • The “3 Inner Feelings” you need to make her feel in your first communications – so that she finds you authoritatively sexy – and warmly intriguing
  • Why you should never “ask” for a phone number from a younger woman – but subtly “command” her to punch it in her self
  • The power and authority of “state the date” – rather than asking and hoping for a yes
  • How to communicate that her going out with you is a clear invitation to a better life for her
  • First date tips that make her salivate for more – so that it’s easy to glide into further adventures
  • How to get her to “seduce herself” – the first time she comes to your house or apartment
  • How to make sure she feels both “unique” and “special” in your eyes – otherwise you will just come across as some older guy macking on her clumsily

Guide #6

Becoming The Irresistible Experienced Man

In this foundational program, you will learn essential skills, including…

  • How to make her safety sexy for her – and why that makes you irresistible
  • How to make your integrity sexy for her – and why it’s essential for your success with her
  • How to hone a powerful social presence – and why it raises your sexiness to her
  • Why providing order in her life is sexy to her – and when you don’t, she will wander away
  • How to make her heart sing with your generosity – and why that does NOT mean money
  • Why she loves your mentorship – and why that makes you sexy and authoritative
  • The power of masculine claim – and why this makes her surrender to your lead
  • How to embody the sexy Kingship archetype in her life – and why that allows her to relax into your care
  • How to embody the sexy Warrior archetype in her life – so that she feels safe, protected and admiring of your ability to get things done
  • How to embody the sexy Magician archetype in her life – and why your inventiveness and creativity turns her on
  • How to embody the sexy Lover archetype in her life – and how your being a connoisseur of pleasures opens her to whole new pleasurable experiences with you
  • How to tell your personal “Hero Story” in 6 different ways…
  • And of course, so much more…

Guide #7

The Irresistible Man’s Guide to Creating an Amazing Online Profile

Writing powerful, erotic and “magnetic” profiles has been my secret sauce for years. It’s drawn scores of beautiful women into my life – every single day – and also will make your life easier…

… because your words will do the heavy lifting – and you can sit back and just choose which of the women writing you you wish to choose!

In this guide, you will learn…

  • How to choose a screen name that appeals to younger women – choose the “wrong” one and she won’t even give you a second thought
  • The 4 Essential Photos you must post - and why more or less than these will hurt you!
  • How to “sing” to her aspirations and talent in your profile – showing her that you are looking for a girl exactly like her, which whets her appetite and makes her already like you!
  • How to set the moral high bar in your profile - so she feels the need to ascend to your level rather than feeling you have to ascend to hers
  • 3 Ways to create the powerful “instant we” with your first words - so that she feels that you are already a romantic couple before you even meet!
  • Why you need to “paint her” in your profile rather than blather on about yourself - and why that works to create a bond also before you meet
  • How to assertively filter out the kinds of women you don’t want - and why that raises your status value online
  • How to create romantic visions in her imagination in your profile - which makes her feel - in her body - how much she wants to be next to you, right now, her head on your chest…
  • And dozens more written techniques to magnetize her to you, body and soul – and to write you first!

Bonus #1: The King Gambits: Word-for-Word Routines

This is my promised collection of gambits that you can use to make yourself interesting and appealing to younger women…

  • How to suggest sensuality without ever being overtly sexual – so that she is turned on, not grossed out, which other older men do all the time
  • How to balance sexiness and heart-connection – so the sexiness is embedded in safety and respect she expects from an older man
  • How to make her feel that it’s “you and her against the world” – even before she meets you
  • How to “take her on a fantasy verbal vacation” – just using your words, which by the way, is free!
  • How to show her how her life will joyfully expand just by being with you – and why she will feel her status in the world has gone up, just by being on your arm
  • How to make her feel more mature, respected and “cared for” because you are a man of greater experience
  • … and so much more.

Bonus #2: How to Handle the Haters

Believe it or not, I had to actually create this bonus at the request of my other students!

It's a guide for how to handle questions from your family, your friends, from older women, from your neighbors so that they understand this is your life, not theirs.

I created it because the men using my program were having so much success and dating so many beautiful, younger women that their friends and family were commenting so much - and these guys wanted easy answers to handle them and basically shut them up. So I compiled the complete – how-to guide – and you’ll never have trouble again.

You'll appreciate it, believe me.

In it, I’ll show you

  • How to proudly own the fact that you’re showing up with all these beautiful, younger women on your arm
  • How to show them that their problem is theirs, not yours – and that they have no right to impinge on your happiness
  • How to demonstrate that they are just “ageists” – as bad as any other prejudice – and they should respect both your and your young lover(s)
  • How to get them to celebrate your happiness and your empowered new self – and realize that your success should be an inspiration to them!

Maybe you’ll even inspire them to make some moves in their own life toward living their dreams

Bonus #3: The Dominant Man Style Guide…

Younger women want to look up to you physically as well as emotionally and sensually, so I have put together the quickest and best “hack” to upgrade yourself physically. Included are…

  • How to get ripped and fit at home and quickly
  • How to easily alter your diet to reduce belly and other body fat
  • How to dress with style and the “authority” of a man of more experience
  • Body language techniques to communicate confidence, authority, protection and sexuality - so she “feels your power in the first few seconds she meets you.
  • … and so much more.

Bonus #4: 9 Conversation Techniques That Unlock a Younger Woman’s Erotic Side

These are simple techniques that create a bond between the two of you, so that when other guys are messaging her on Tinder or hitting on her at work, you’re the only guy on her mind, the only guy she imagines being with.

  • A conversation technique that makes her feel like you’re completely ‘in the moment’ with her
  • A non-verbal technique that will attach a warm, safe feeling toward you, while still eliciting an erotic response in her
  • 11 lines that make her feel smarter, older, and appreciated- and will have her addicted to being around you
  • How to gain “social proof” in her eyes so that she accepts that you’ve been with other ‘younger’ women, and being with her is natural for you
  • How to tell stories that hint that life with you will make her life more exciting and adventurous

Bonus #5: My Ultimate Cheat Sheet –
Steal This Profile

This is my promised #1 Dating Profile ever – I literally received 2500 emails from younger women within 6 months from this profile. In this power-point presentation, I break down EXACTLY why it is so powerful, and you will learn…

  • How to suggest sensuality without ever being overtly sexual – so that she is turned on, not grossed out, which other older men do all the time
  • How to balance sexiness and heart-connection – so the sexiness is embedded in safety and respect she expects from an older man
  • How to make her feel that it’s “you and her against the world” – even before she meets you
  • How to “take her on a fantasy verbal vacation” – just using your words, which by the way, is free!
  • How to show her how her life will joyfully expand just by being with you – and why she will feel her status in the world has gone up, just by being on your arm
  • How to make her feel more mature, respected and “cared for” because you are a man of greater experience
  • … and so much more.

All told, that is over $1238.90 of modules – a truly
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Here’s what other men - VIPS, world
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wizards, athletes and regular joes - are
saying about this program

“I spent last night with a girl 10 Years Younger than me”

“I’ve had your material for about a week. I’ve already used the language skills you stress and ways to communicate with sensuality. Long story short- I spent last night with a girl 10 Years Younger than me (I’m 39). It was incredibly intense pleasure... It’s been like 18 months since I’ve been with a woman. Thanks, Hank! I feel like it’s new day. “

-Randy B, Houston, Tx

“I’m now dating a girl 22 years younger than me”

“I feel like I’ve been born again. After my divorce I felt guilty for being attracted to younger women and I was afraid to approach them. Hank – your course opened the gates. I’m now dating a girl 22 years younger than me. She’s happy. Her friends admire her. I’m thrilled. And my friends are envious. ”

- Glen M., Birmingham, Al

“This is Solid gold!”

“Of all the dating material I have seen so far, this stuff blows away everything else in the area of dating and communications technique. This is solid gold. Even better than the techniques are the solid “inner game” tips. The inner game stuff alone was worth the price of admission.”

- Tom W, Atlanta, GA

“I’ve got three young girlfriends now… competing for my attention"

“ Hank – amazing! That one phrase you gave when a girl says “aren’t you too old” not only got me through that minefield, but really shifted my whole consciousness. I only bring my best and I expect the best. And now young women look up to me for that. I’ve got three young girlfriends now, and each is competing for my attention.”

- Armando L., Queens, NY

“I must look different because I’m meeting great younger women everywhere”

“Hank – I knew your course would be great. Your techniques and “magic words” always stand out and work like a charm. But what I didn’t expect is how you got me to re-shape my whole mindset, my whole attitude and my whole life. When you framed it as a “mid-life awakening” not a mid-life crisis – it’s like a light switch turned on inside me. I must look different because I’m meeting great younger women everywhere – online, as you show, but also at Starbucks and at the mall - everywhere.”

- Paul G., Newport Beach, Ca.

“I’m dating a 27 year old who can’t stop bragging about me”

“Hank, you’ve saved my life. I just got divorced 3 years ago and I didn’t – I DON’T want to date women my age. I just don’t find them attractive, though I like them as people. I thought I was destined to be a creepy old man the rest of my life. Your mindset shifts, your “magic phrases” - your whole system has changed my entire mindset, life and appearance from “self-conscious dirty old man” into a powerful, leading man of experience. And it works! I’m dating a 27 year old who can’t stop bragging about me. I owe you huge!”

- Derek T, Grants Pass, Ore.

“Much better results!”

“Hank, I put your ideas into work late one night (or early morning, actually!), and bingo, I was able to connect with 3 hot women. Much better results. Thank you so much.”

- Mark W.

One more thing…

I’ve noticed a lot of men have asked the same questions so I’ll answer them here for you in this FAQ section…

Question: “Do your methods have to do with being a pick-up artist?”

Answer: Absolutely not! Just the opposite.

Unequivocally, this course is not about “tricking “women or doing anything fake or phony or inauthentic or dressing like an idiot. It’s not about hypnotizing them or manipulating them or anything else women find offensive.

It’s about positioning yourself that someone younger women find irresistible, that Romantic Leader that I’ve been talking about above and which younger women love.

Pick-up tricks are about “faking” higher social status. By contrast, I’ll show you exactly how to communicate your actual, earned higher social status simply by having more experience than she has, and I’ll show you the exact techniques to make sure she knows that you are coming from a position of power and integrity - not neediness, which is where most pick-up artists are coming from.

Question: “What if I’ve never had any luck before with younger women? Why should I expect it now?”

Answer: Great question – because I was exactly in the same place! First - the past is past. This is your new beginning. I’m going to guide you, I’m going to train you, I’m going to teach you how to leverage everything about yourself that younger women will admire – based on exactly what we have shown and proven has worked with thousands of men before you.

One thing that I have seen over and over is that you – like most men – probably already possess the very qualities younger women find charming and sexy – but you don’t know how to communicate it. It could be your sense of humor.

It could be your sense of adventure. It could be your expertise in your work life. It could be what a great dad you are, but I guarantee, you already have the qualities, characteristics, and attributes that younger women will find absolutely attractive.

And I’m going to show you how to best take advantage of those and communicate them both online and a conversation so that she admires you.

I myself started from absolute zero. I thought after my divorce, no woman would ever want to date me, and I mean that. I was washed up. I was divorced.

I was broke. I felt like a failure. I felt like I’d lost my family. I was overweight. I was going bald. I wasn’t the guy I was when I was 23, trust me, but if I can go from zero to where I am now, then you can.

Question: “Will I have to wait for you to ship me the course?”

Answer: No way.

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Answer: The answer is simple. It will work for you if you stick with it.

If you practice daily, you’ll see that you’ll step naturally into your position of a man of experience and power, and remember - I’m the taking all the risk on my shoulders with your 100% satisfaction guaranteed return policy.

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  • how to quickly master online dating
  • effective and fun first dates
  • physical touch and escalation
  • confident and sexy conversation skills
  • inspiring body language mastery
  • how to dress and speak youthfully – though not falsely “young”
  • how to inspire admiration for the man you have become with specific trigger words and trigger topics
  • how to guide her conversation into sexy, erotic areas subtly and playfully
  • how to avoid falling into “the friend zone” trap
  • how to stand out from other men quickly and unmistakably
  • how to be so informative, well-thought out, smart and at ease with beautiful women
  • … and all the other skills, techniques, insider tips and templates I give you here

I am confident that ou are going to very, very happy – both with this program and the results.

I have piled on more information, techniques, tools and conversational tips than you can even imagine - so that you have every single detail you need to succeed with younger women, and I’m always here for you moving forward.

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